Discover How Misperceptions about Affirmative Action can Cost your business a lot of money!
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If you want to grow and scale your business, you need employees who can get along. Oftentimes, misunderstandings about race, color, creed, national origin and sex result in losses in productivity.
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Quotas? Unqualified? Meritless? 
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It's a Summary.  Who is actually covered?
It explains what Affirmation Action really means.
More women and people of color are changing and will continue to change the employment landscape for the forseeable future.  
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Preventing Litigation  triggered by cultural and gender-based misnderstandings 
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Let's face it, employees are expensive.  There are numerous costs associated with hiring folks and not just their salary or hourly rate.  It is ideal if employees stay after you have made a sigificant investment in training them, provided health insurance subsidies, 401k contributions and other employee related perks and benefits.    
  • Learn to listen to complaints without becoming defensive.
  • Launch an investigation into employee complaints.
  • Document all of your efforts and actions.
  • Mediate to encourage and facilitate employee retention, whenever possible.
  • How to terminate employee bullies even when they significantly contribute to your bottom line.
  • Accurately communicate your appreciation and respect to deserving and hardworking employees.
Yes, I Want to Know How to more effectively Communicate with employees Title VII violation/allegations and employment related complaints arise.
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